Vezakeini Legadel

Project for Children

about the project

Summer vacation and back-to-school season is a particularly expensive time of year.  Whether it is summer activities for their children, school supplies for the coming year, or therapy to give their child the emotional support they need, many families in financial crisis have no means to pay for these extra expenses.   

Each summer, the Kupa would see a consistently large influx in requests for financial assistance.  Realizing the significant need, the Kupa launched its Back-to-School campaign. 

The campaign’s goal is to provide each family with the funding for their particular needs, to enable them to give their children a summer and start to the school year that will set them up for success. 

The “Vezakeini Legadel” custom-made tzedaka pushka sits by the Shabbos candles of thousands of RBS mothers, who give tzedakah and daven while lighting Shabbos candles – thinking of and davening not just for their own children, but also for all the children of the community.


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