Keren Chai

Helping Almanos and Yesomim with Dignity

about the project

When a young father or mother passes away, lo aleinu, that’s when a community’s support is needed most.  

The Kupa’s first campaign for a family of yesomim took place 15 years ago.  Since then, specific campaigns have been run over the years for individual families as the need arose.

However, these campaigns were not ideal. 

Individual campaigns can be intensely embarrassing for the widow and orphans.  In addition, some families have a larger social network than others, and some campaigns simply didn’t succeed in raising enough money.

Last year, after a series of tragedies that left four different families bereft, we realized that we need to create a more systematic plan for helping almanos and yesomim in our community.


The solution?  The Keren Chai fund.  A dedicated fund created by the Kupa to support the needs of widows and orphans. 


Almanos & Yesomim

had all their needs cared for by the Kupa in 2023


0 K+

distributed by the Keren Chai fund in 2023