Sameach Tesamach

Making a Chasunah Debt-Free

about the project

Even for a financially stable family, making a wedding can throw one’s finances into freefall.  As much as parents strive to put aside savings to marry off their children, the reality is that many people simply aren’t able, as they work hard just to earn enough to get through the month.

Ramat Beit Shemesh started off 25 years ago as a young community; in the past number of years, as many of our children were suddenly reaching marriageable age, the Kupa found a large upswing in the number of families turning to us for assistance in paying for chasunah expenses.

In order to meet this growing need, the Kupa created a uniquely-designed financial system to help families marry off a child without going into debt.  

The Sameach Tesamach Program, with its combination of financial counseling and assistance has, since its inception four years ago, been extremely successful in helping families marry off their children debt-free. 


Chassanim & Kallahs

“married off” by the Kupa in 2023



incurred by their families

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distributed by the Sameach Tesamach fund

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total amount raised in 2023 through the Sameach Tesamach program, including 6 million raised by families from outside contributions